I’m Greg. I live in southern Alberta Canada, and like my bikes…a lot.  If it’s got two wheels and a motor, I’m in!
December 23rd ride with the dudes!

Been riding since the age of 15.  Hope to ride well into my 70’s.  This blog is here to keep track of the various things I have attempted, failed, and succeeded at.

Here for a laugh, and to post stories, various failures, wins and pictures.

Leave a comment, feel free to follow.  Enjoy

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice blog and nice bike. All the bells and whistles. I have the blue 2012 too and am always looking for riding mates. I live in Calgary and ride all over the foothills and SE Kootenays. BTW – Our taste in bikes goes beyond the ST! I have had two VFR’s (750 and 800) and have my eye on the 1200 as my next bike. Hope to meet up some day!

  2. Hi Greg.
    Nice to see someone enjoying there fz09. I have been looking at this thing for awhile now but cannot decide. I am a newer rider with many years dirt experience and one summer of road experience. I would like to check out an fz07 if it comes here as it sounds like it might be more suited to my beginner status. I see in your tour of the Calgary motor show you were told it will be coming here(Fz07)? Did you happen to hear when it might be released? The power of the fz09 seems a bit much for me to start. I am riding a klx250sf now and am wanting more power but not 114hp.


    • trust me on this. The fz09 is not a beginners bike. It’s very light, and very front end happy. For a beginner street bike the new Honda 650 looks nice, but a bit pricy. The mt07/fz07 maybe coming, when I do not know. Thanks for the comment

  3. Hello! Great write up on the Africa Twin forks and I had just one question….. You mention that the 45mm Showa SKF fork seal/wiper kits are $150 Canadian. That seems way high to me in the USA. Could you share where you received that price?

    • Hi James, I totally forgot where I got that value. I do run SKF seals on my dirt bikes, and a set of just seals is around $80 cdn, plus the wipers. to tell you the truth, the kawasaki seals are double lipped and will do a fine job as well.

  4. Thanks from a fellow Canuck. I’ve bookmarked this page and will be doing the seals, mods and replacing the springs/cartridge with an Andreatti unit. Its posts like this that arm us at the dealer. That said, Honda sucks for customer service and my dealer has shunned my requests. Another rider in my group just paid $1700 to them for replacement forks (exact same issue), under warranty and a retired Honda employee. His warranty claim denied .BTW, where did you source the shim material?

    • hi Chris, where you at in Canada? I wouldn’t spend money on the cartridges, as it will only sort valving. The fork wear issue will still be there. ATAS outers is the way to go..allegedly.
      Shim material? local distributors should have it (Gregg’s). Alternately I can send you some need be.

      • Greg, I’m north of Barrie, Ontario. I want to replace the cartridges due to very soft front suspension. Was a minimum investment so no big deal. I’m still looking for shims. No Greggs in Ontario. If you wanted to mail me some, that would be awesome. I’m going to be doing two pairs of forks. I can reimburse you. e-mail: scar.advriders@gmail.com

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