Oh my…another SV 650 build

Yep…yet another build…but with a twist…sort of!

My buddy calls it the GSVR 650!

Since the winters here are long and shitty, I’ve decided to give another crack at a SV front end swap.
I did one last year on a 2009 crash victim (not mine, bought from a wrecker), and a busa front end. Turned out ok.  Went well, handled really well with the busa front, and a zx-10 shock out back.

I wasn’t crazy about the converti bars, as I was sort of stuck with the busa top triple, and couldn’t go with conventional bolt on bars.

Pre build:

SV 650 as bought
Post build:

1st ride on the SV

All pictures from the 2009 build here:

I punted the 2009 on the classifieds, and rode my AT.

Fast forward to September 2019, and I’m getting the itch…not that itch..i got cream for that.

As I’m on the local classifieds daily, I found a good deal on a clean ish..
2011 SV 650 ABS, 24KKM, basically ready to ride, complete with:
-GSXR 600 rear shock (un installed)
-Adjustable rear sets of decent quality
-TB black series pipe
-Re valved OEM forks with gold valves (Reg got these in exchange for OEM fork)
-520 chain, one down on front, one up on back (installed by PO)
-Some other stuff. Generally in really good shape.

Bike was perfectly fine as is.  I didn’t care to ride it as is, with the basic suspension.
As bought

The plan was to turn turn it into a fun, well handling commuter.
A few key items were:
-Keep the ABS
-Suspension. Front GSX-r complete front end, and the rear shock.
-It will run a SW motech rear rack with a hideous 45L Givi top box.
I want to stash my shit in it (helmet, gloves, whatever else fits) and walk the two blocks to work)

Complete pictures of build here, will keep adding as I take them.

So, what have a I learned from my last build?

-Get a complete front end.
To solve that, I got a complete 2006 GSXR 750 front end from my buddy Voyko
-Ditch the OEM top triple, and get something proper
Check! The below, courtesy of topyokes.uk
Amazingly well finished, and fit is first rate. A bit slow to get to me (45 days or so) but when it did get here…wow wee!!
Top Yokes install

-I picked up a few things off the SV650 forum, big thanks for the tips
(The big one…speedo pick up sensor faces a certain way…not the pointy end out..) I did wonder why the last speedo was off by 20km/h.. 😦

I did spin the front wheel, and speedo works as intended. I’ll likely run my GPS on this bike as well, so will check how the speedo and odometer function.

Front ABS wheel fit up

-Other stuff from my buddies know how, e.g. motion pro cables, that are 4″ longer and are a direct replacement, unlike the SV650N cables, as they do not fit the throttle tube, and body

-Use the SV650N clutch that fits perfectly, and is more than long enough
Suzuki part # 58200-17G00

-The stainless steel lines needed to be longer for the front brakes.  They were done locally, and while I waited, for less than $100 for two lines.
They bolted right up to the existing steel lines to/from the ABS pump. I vacuum bled the system, and it feels pretty good.
New SS lines from Greggs distributors.  While you wait at a very good price!

-The front end slid right in…after we got the correct wheels/spacers/calipers sorted..I did start with floaty disks, and ended up with a gsxr front.  The below was a mish mash of GSXR forks, and TLR wheel, which has a different width.  With the spacers I had, it wasn’t going to work.
New front end!
After some calls, and fiddling around, a full gsx-r front end was fitted, including a matching wheel.
Top Yokes install

-ABS pump, and the GSXR 600 shock fit together well. I had to space the ABS tray down a touch, but otherwise, all good. Lines reach/fit, with zero issues.
I did turn both wheels above 5k on the bench, and the ABS light cleared.
All good!
GSX-600 Rear shock and ABS

I will fit an ABS off switch, when I’m feeling frisky, and want the full powerrrr of the GSXr front end..sort of like this
Relay switch for ABS or TC_001

Bars.  I had some renthals on my AT that I pulled  and swapped and installed on the SV. The Renthals still give a nice flat bend, and clear the fairing.

Overall, the build went very well.  Besides making a small mistake on ordering OEM throttle cables (see MP cables above), everything reached, bolted as intended.

Bike looks clean, and damn near stock, save for the front blurpie wheel.  Doesn’t bother me.  I may have the rear painted next winter to match.

Right! It’s looking saucy!  I’m down to the rear SW motech rack.

Top triple turned out awesome!


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