FJ09. Fourth FZ in two years…

Yeah, you read right.

What gives? Not much really.  Walked into the dealer a few weekends ago to buy a helmet and came out with a bike.  I was batting around the idea of keeping the 7 and trading up to a new gen Super T, but my 2012 is very well set up, sorted, and I can’t find many things wrong with it.  So it stays as my all around bike.  The FJ will be a commuter, road tourer, fun bike.

I liked all my previous bikes, but they had some flaws that I couldn’t fix to fit what I wanted them to do.  Below are my takes on each of the bikes, and mine only.  If you don’t know what they say about opinions, just google it.

I’ll start with the FZ09.

Pluses: Motor, price, look.  Minuses: Stock suspension/ecu, fuel tank size.  Obviously the bike was a steal, so they had to save money somewhere.  I upgraded the suspension (penske shock, front springs and oil matched to my weight), and flashed the ecu with Nick.  Huge improvement.  What did disappoint is the tank size.  At 14L, riding the bike as it was meant to be ridden, I could barely squeeze out 200km to a tank, and then I had to call a friend/push to the pump.  I needed some money for something else, and life got in the way, and a friend of mine picked up the bike, and is pleased as punch with it.

What would I fix about the 9? Tank size…and maybe an ABS option.  That’s it.  They sorted the fuelling a few months after I bought mine.  Oooooooo!!!! offer a FZ09R..tasty suspension right out of the box for a grand more!

2001 FZ01.  Picked this up used.  It needed some love, but overall a nice bike.  Sorted out the carbs, changed the tires, rode it for a bit…not my cup of tea.  Sold it on to another buddy that’s liking it, just fine.

2015 FZ07.  Picked up this little beauty for CDN MSRP (all fees in).  Great bike

Pluses: Motor, fuelling, price, fuel economy (it returned 4.4L/100km/54 MPG riding it as intended around town!! Minuses: Suspension, leg room, wind protection.

Again, another steal of a deal from Yamaha.  This bike has spotless fuelling right out of the box. The motor is a peach.  Yamaha hit the nail on the head with the 7.  It wheelies happily in 1st, and sometimes in second on power alone (I’m at 3500′ so air is a bit thin) The suspension is not as shitty as the stock FZ9, but it still needs work.  Matris emulators, and Yacugar fully adjustable rear shock sorted the bike.  I added a givi screen to help with wind blast, and added a sw motech rack to carry my enormous 45L givi case (for commuting and stuff).  Why sell a bike that you’re happy with? Don’t know..It was a great commuter, but for some reason I felt small on it (both mentally and physically).  It didn’t have the presence in traffic, that I spent 50km in daily.  At 5’9″ I’m not a tall guy, but was lacking in leg room.  And I only did one out-of-town trip with the little guy, as it didn’t inspire long treks (in my mind anyways).

So…what would I fix about the 7?  Offer ABS as an option Yamaha! That’s about it really…It’s a affordably priced naked bike, that has a great motor.  Job done.

This brings me nicely to the FJ09.

Pluses: OEM suspesnion and ECU is much better than the FZ09.  Fit and finish is very good, and I quite like the well put fairing (layer with no screws showing at the front).  Adjustable windscreen is a plus.  The stock potato chip does an ok job, but have replaced it with an ermax that I found second-hand.  Handle bar is stupid wide.  Wider than my Super tenere, which I though was a wide bar.  No complaints, will not be swapping it anytime soon.  Stock seat was ok, again, came across a deal on a used Seat concepts seat, which seems plushier and flatter (less slope).  Motor, yep, it has one, and a good one too.  I’m breaking it in, so left it in STD mode for now.  I’m happy with that.  TC is a bit abrupt, so I simply turn it off, and enjoy the 5k rpm wheelies.  ABS is first-rate, and I’m liking the radial brakes.  Overall, the bike fits me well, goes like stink, and is well finished, with very decent road manners.  I took the sawzall to the pipe, and hacked off at the first weld, then punched a hole in the main pipe, to gain access to the common chamber.  Much better.  When I have time later, i will cut the pipe at the second weld, cut out the restriction, and reweld both OEM welds, to give it the stock appearance/tip but have a nicer deeper sound.  Hopefully a keeper 🙂

Minuses:  errrmmmm…I have all of 400km on the bike, so cannot really comment just yet.  The rear grab handles look like someone bent them over their knees, and it’s odd for a bike not to have a rear rack.  there’s a slight hesitation from off to on throttle, but I’m nit-picking here.  Hoping the stock CCT doesn’t give me grief.  Not worried, as I have 2 yr warranty on the bike.

So what’s planned for this one:

  • contact points to sort (Screen-done, heated grips-done, seat-done)
  • Exhaust mod-half ass done…moar to follow will post pics/findings
  • Givi removable racks on back I can carry stuff without strapping it to the rear seat
  • Yacugar rear shock re-fit from my FZ07.  The length appears the same, but I’ll need to thin up the rear linkage to accept the yac.  I’ll have to get it machined by about 5mm total (2.5mm on each side).  Again, I’ll get into it in the winter, with a follow up
  • SW motech crash bars-on order
  • Skid plate of some sort…yep, a skid plate on a FJ.  I would like to do the odd fire trail with this bike-read: smooth gravel.  It’s unlikely that anything might happen, but it’s a possibility.  I’m pretty sure I can do better than the current SW motech offering.  If I fail miserably, I’ll go for the SW motech offering 😛
  • Enjoy the bike.

    2015-08-17 20.28.02

    bye bye FZ07. Had fun! Off to a new home.

  • 2015-04-19 12.40.37

    I’ll be fitting this over the winter. The OEM shock is ok, but on fast bumps, it has a tendency to jolt you out of the seat. With a little massaging this should fit right in. Might even order a hydraulic pre load collar

    2015-08-18 13.02.07

    A gray FJ. I’m glad I went with this color. Good looking bike

    2015-08-18 13.03.33

    The cleanest it will ever be 🙂

I’ll post up, as things get added on to the bike.


2 thoughts on “FJ09. Fourth FZ in two years…

    • you bet!
      it’s already dirty, and I’m working on a skid plate for it.
      Not sure what material to use to make it though…
      thinking plastic/fiberglass, or might go whole hog, and do a carbon fiber one

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