Arrow full system install

well, it finally arrived.

Full arrow exhaust from Revzilla.  Hats off to the guys there, as they went over and above to help me out (accelerating shipping and the like.  Arrow is a 2 week waiting period before it even ships out to Revzilla…no matter all went well)

So, with my old stock headers, and home made Staintune off.  I removed my ACD skiddie, and went to work.

Install was dead easy.  For the Jenny craig weight conscious crowd, the arrow headers save about 4lb off stock header weight, if not more…my crap scale could only handle so much, without it falling off.  The staintune weighed nothing to start with, the arrow weighs about the same.

No need to unplug the O2 sensors, they will spin right in, remember to hold the sensor, and spin the pipe.

arrow bits and bobs

so, workmanship is first rate.  The headers are nice, come with paste, but I’ll re install the exhaust using hi temp silicone on the joints, to eliminate back firing.  The slip on is very nice.  Solid, but weighs as much as my Staintune slip on.

Some might wonder why I pulled my staintune, which is a great pipe, and replaced it with an arrow.  Well, my staintune was made by me, and welded by a much better person than me.  That said, I had to remove the oem winkers, and replace them with shite ebay units.  I wanted to go back to 2014/2015 OEM turn signals, so it was a good excuse to go all arrow.

So, once the exhaust was in, it was time to mod the plate.  Other guys have used an extra nut on their engine studs to stand the skid plate off.  I didn’t want that, as I’m already making contact with the front wheel.  This would also mean that I would have to re-drill all the back holes, to make them work with the bracket.

No worries.  Out came the jig saw with metal blade, a marker, a rag to clear the mud and caked on cow dirt, and away I went.  Below is the fine result…I’ll eventually get a plate welded over the exhaust to give it some protection.

arrow skid plate arrow skid plate2

The exhaust sticks out by about 1/3″.  Nothing crazy, and should be ok for the remainder of the Canadian riding season.

How does it work?  Well, it sounds down right mean.  My staintune without baffle is a riot.  This is better, with baffle in.  The bike pulls much better (stock filter, ecu tune by AC, , 2014 basket, manual cct), than previously, and is willing to rev up faster from about 4000 rpm and up.  I had a hard time getting traction in T mode, and S mode was even more entertaining than pre flash.  Power commander?  Not sure, a buddy of mine has the same set up with the commander.  I’ll ride them back to back and see if it’s worth it.

Happy days.  I think the bike might run a bit cooler as well.

Money well spent me thinks.

arrow exhaust with question mark

Not really sure what the tab is for…I did cut down my heat shield ages ago, but I don’ remember it going quite that far. It came with a rubber grommet to go in said hole

overall arrow

works great. As a bonus, now that I don’t have a cat, I can carry a spare sandwich strapped to the top of the skid plate without fear of melting 🙂


3 thoughts on “Arrow full system install

  1. nice

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  2. Can you tell me what that paste that came with the headers is for ? Are you supposed to use it on the slip joints ?there were no assembly instructions , I just got my new full system.
    Thank you

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