A Texas welcome

I have to say that I just had the most enjoyable afternoon/evening hanging out with a few guys from the forum.

I’m doing a two state stop for work purposes (Savannah GA, and Houston, TX)
I got in touch with Snakebitten a few days back, and said that I might drop in on him, put a name to a face etc..

I did just that, and the man offers me his keys to one of his bikes, in fact any bike I want to ride. Naturally being a weakling I went for his 950 super enduro.
Oh my word…this is the most fun you can have with your pants on. Epic bike, great motor, great suspension, I think i’m in love.

Snake led me, and his buddy Mark, over to Combo’s place, so I got to meet this fine gentleman, and his wife Sue…(crap, I’m horrible with names, sorry Combo, it was either Sue or Peg)

Then we rode all the way south, as far south as you can go in Texas, without drowning, and had an excellent meal.

So thanks again, for a most pleasant day. Bring your gear, and I’ll show you around my hood. There’s always a spare tenere somewhere in the world.

And remember, next time your wife asks you if this complete stranger that you have known on the world wide webs, could possibly be an ax wielding murderer, tell her with 100% accuracy that it’s simply not possible, as he owns and rides a Tenere.Two fine bikes Spot the tenere Whole lot of sausage dogs You couldn't wipe it off my face


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