FZ-07 first impressions. Mods: Matris, Sw Motech, other cheap mods


Update on the exhaust, and bike.  Weather has been decent as of late, and I’ve been able to put on a few k’s to break in the bike.  My first run was roughly 50km with some steady roll ons, and lots of compression braking.  Went home and dumped the oil/filter, and replaced it with my break in oil of choice, rotella 15w-40 dino oil, and a new filter.  The next 50k were spent in coldish weather, so not too much fun could be had.  Overall impression is very positive.  Bike pulls great, handles nice (especially with the new matris cartridges/pre-load adjusters).  Muffler sounds good.  It’s deep and not too loud, so I’m happy with the mod.  Can’t wait to put more miles on this bike.  Right…so I have a pleasing 200km on the bike.  Weather’s been ok, so I get out for a blast as often as I can.  Motor…honestly hand on heart, it’s all the power I need.  The FZ09 was quick, stupid quick.  This can be thrashed pretty much to the throttle stop and the gearing is nicely laid out.  Transmission doesn’t have that clunk like th 9 or my tenere for that matter, and shifts are smooth.  Suspension, and brakes are very decent.  The front end re-work improved the bike immensely, as the dive is non existent, and brakes work that much better.  Ergonomics and instrumentation.  I felt a bit cramped on the bike.  My air hawk sorted that  out.  It gave me an extra 1-1/1/2″ of extra leg room.  The dash is easy enough to follow, and Yamaha have relocated the horn button, so it’s a bit out of the way.  This way, when you use the turn signal, you’re not honking the horn at the same time.  I’m waiting on my givi screen, and my rear shock will be arriving shortly.  More thoughts, as I put more miles on

Matris Preload cartridges.  Right, so I found these on the www through PJ’s Parts.  Nice folks over at PJ, quick to get back to you, answered all my questions as needed.  Now…this is mostly my fault, but I was convinced I was buying fully adjustable cartridge fork drop ins (comp/pre load on one leg, and reb/preload on the other leg).  What the kit actually consists of is two preload adjusters on each fork leg, and pre calibrated drop in cartridges as specified through your order.  Paige read my gripe on their FB page and updated the description on their site to make it clearer, and gave me a small refund!  Score… oh ya.. linky here: http://www.pjsparts.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=24_125_782&products_id=5456

Install was dead easy.  If you have a front end stand this will make your life very easy.  I don’t but do have a hyd. lift, with a clamp.  So I backed the bike in, clamped the rear wheel, and lifted the front by using the muffler as support.  I cracked all my bolts prior to lifting the bike (pinch bolts/axle nut).  Take care with the front fender.  It’s a three piece affair.

Once the forks are on the bench, disassembly is straight forward.  The instructions with the kit are clear, and easy to follow.  Everything you need is there, and of very good quality.  Entire install took about 1.5 hours.

Ride time is very limited so far, but the front end is firm, with preload all the way out.  I’m told that the spring will settle a bit over time.  The added benefit is that the brakes work very well with zero dive.


Everything is here. Preload adj. spacers, new spring, cartridges, oil and instructions


Preload adjusters are nice quality, and stickers!!



El cheapo mod…fender extender for the rear mud flap.  First ride, the bike was absolutely covered in shit.  I decided to do a mud guard extension.  Went down to the local parts store and picked up some unmarked mud flaps (truck flaps).  They were about $18.  I got one set, which leaves you a spare flap.  Remove the stock flap, and use some card board as a stencil.  I made the flap sit inside the oem one, and then proceeded to cut the mud flap from the store.  Turned out well enough, and I used rivets to attach the two pieces of plastic together.  The rivets didn’t hold all that well, so I eventually switched to bolts and nuts.  I also took my heat gun to the new flap to give it a bend in the middle, so the tire and new flap have more clearance.  Easy with the heat, as the oem flap will melt just by looking at it


Black mud flap.. if you want yours to say Chevy on it…those are available too 🙂


Rivets and soft plastic do not mix…




Different angle


SW Motech rack, and tool tube.  This just showed up in the mail.  Same rack I’ve used on the 9, so looking forward to the install. Instructions are easy to follow with a couple of omissions, that are not deal breakers.

While I was there, I removed the rear passenger pegs.  I wasn’t going to two up this bike at any point, so to offset the weight of the sw motech rack made out of pig iron, I ditched the rear pegs.  I also used a small horn bracket that I had kicking around to hold the brake fluid reservoir, for FREE!!!

Rack looks great, without the adaptor plate, and my ginormous givi 45L case.  Now the bike will be a useful riot.

Sw motech rack…made out of solid steel…very solid steel


Holes opened to 17mm

Naked tail..

Rear plastic cut back so it can be re-used. SW makes no mention of re-using this

Rear peg delete. Brake fluid reservoir relocation bracket. SW Motech Rack. Tasty!

Finished product. Much better looking than the Yamaha aftermarket rack




5 thoughts on “FZ-07 first impressions. Mods: Matris, Sw Motech, other cheap mods

  1. I just ordered the Matris front fork cartridge kit also for my 07 from PJ’s and was under the impression it was a drop in cartridge. Do the forks need to be removed or can the installation be done with the forks still attached? I have a fluid evacuator to remove the fork oil but was wondering if there is any other reason the forks would need to be taken out. Thanks

    • it’s simply easier to work on (for me).
      That said, if you cannot support the bike, then you should have no issues pulling the stock spring and spacer out, and replacing it with the new pieces.
      I’m pretty sure, you’re probably ok, with leaving the stock fluid in the forks.

  2. After a year what are your comments on the SE Matris kit?
    You know you’ve been lucky to not have bought the F15. They make the bike even worse from what I read on FZ07.org and Italian forums.

    • tell you the truth it’s not the best put together kit. But I thought it improved the front a bit.
      On my FJ09 (MT-09 Tracer) I installed a full drop in cartridge from traxxion dynamics. Magic

    • it’s an ok kit. not perfect by any means. yamaha has saved money on suspension on all their FZ/MT bikes.
      MY FJ09 (Tracer) was fitted with traxxion dynamics cartridges. Fully adjustable comp, rebound and preload. Money very well spent

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