FZ-07 Mods


Let the mods begin.  I tore into the bike a few nights ago.  Plastic comes off without too much problems.  I did have to use the Jedi force at one point since I had no idea how the side panels/tank cover was attached.  I removed all the visible bolts and gave it a careful tug.  As you can see from the picture below, it’s simple enough, once you know what you’re looking at.  All in all there was three piceces that needed to come off (two side pices, and one center piece that goes over the tank cap filler.  Yamaha was nice enough to leave a shelf on the right side of the bike, guessing this is where the ABS pump goes, if it was so equipped.  This will leave tons of room for my ballast, and other HID bits and bobs, plus the various other wires that will end up being there.

First on the list, electrical bits.

The 55w HID kit went in without much fuss.  Oxford grips, were a doodle, and will share space with the GPS ram ball mount.  Radar plug in and warning light to be mounted.  Update.  Since I rode the bike, the light is damn bright..not sure if it’s annoying to other drivers, but I haven’t got hi beamed yet.  Will report on how it works at night, when I errmmm….ride it at night.

I’ll be stealing switched power from the rear tail light wire, which will power up the relay for all the accessories.


Lots of pins and nipples 🙂


Not the best looking thing without plastics. But lots of room to work on things, and most things are right at hand.


Great place for sandwiches!

2015-02-28 15.39.00

front close up of radar LED light and holder

Rear close up of Radar holder and LED, plus GPS


Stock muffler mod.  Right, here we go.  I’ll attempt the same mod I did on my fz09.  Yamaha has a single outlet pipe on the under muffler, but on the 9 when the pipe was cut back a ways, it exposed the common chamber, thus giving the bike a slightly deeper sound, without totally messing with back pressure.

I unplugged the O2 sensor (cover needs to come off first), then I unscrewed the bolts holding the foot pegs, to gain access to the two rear bolts holding the muffler.  Loosed those off, and undid the 4  nuts holding the pipe on to the cylinders.  Whole job took about 2 hours.  If anyone is interested, I’ll get you pipe size, hole saw size etc…

20150207_115131 - Copy - Copy

So here’s the stock pipe cut back. Common chamber exposed. We took a dremmel tool to the inside of the pipe to cut 1/1/2″ into the inside of the muffler


Side shot



Finished product prior to paint


Inside shot of pipe. Not the best welding in the world…but the gaps were huge between the pipe and new muffler


I pulled the rivets out of the stock pipe, holesawed the tip to fit the new bigger pipe, and then repainted the tip black, and re-installed new rivets


looks good methinks!

20150207_162823 20150207_162814


21 thoughts on “FZ-07 Mods

  1. The black exhaust contrasts nicely with the silver colored head pipes and muffler guard. Looks great. When I did the muffler mod on my FZ-09 I never bothered with welding the tip back on as the tip guard covers it completely.

    • thanks Dave, I thought it looks sharp too. It actually sounds perfect as well. I only managed to put on about 100km on the bike so far (break in) and it just about perfect. For the time spent, it was well worth it.
      I did something similar on my fz9, but did weld on the end pipe, just to let the gasses go out further, and not up my pant leg. Worked out well, but I think the 7 worked out better

    • good question.
      We left the pipe long, then placed the cap over the pipe (once it was enlarged with the hole saw). I left about a half inch past the tip sticking out.

  2. Thank you very, very, much ! I have done exactly the same modification, the sound is p-e-r-f-e-c-t ! Loud enough, but not too much.
    Here it is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCPRWFRTVvo

    I I bought a FJ09 (MT09 Tracer in europe) for me, the MT07 is the one of my wife. Are the changes on the 3 cylindre’s stock exhaust as effective ?

  3. Nice work! Did you compare the exhaust sound with the basic 6x 3/8 holes mod? What’s the difference? I guess it’s louder but is the tone also lower?

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