New bike, new post. Yamaha FZ-07. Here’s the plan so far..

Well, it’s crappy out, i’m getting over the flu, so I have nothing better to do but plan my next build.

I have a deposit on a brand new gray 2015 FZ07 (aka 7).  It will be here mid January with some tasty add ons that will get here right around the same time.

Obviously, I will not be doing a ride review anytime soon (march/april if I’m lucky) but I’ll update the blog as new things show up for the bike.

It’s been a strange year to say the least.  Last November I picked up a brand new FZ-09 (aka 9), with great plans for that bike, I set about bolting bits and pieces to it to address various issues of the stock bike.  As I mentioned in my other posts about the 9 the most obv. offenders were: suspension, ecu stock tune, wind protection, seat comfort and tank size.  I was able to rectify all the issues except the tank capacity, or lack thereof.  Long story short, I enjoyed the 5500km or so with my 9, but money was needed somewhere else, and the bike went to a new home, to be much enjoyed.

Fast forward to September this year.  I was bored yet again, and came across a deal I could not refuse.  A decently kept 2001 FZ01 (aka 1) found it’s way to my garage.  I’ve ridden these before, and rather liked the look of them, and overall execution.  I put a couple thou km on the bike, along the way fixing some things that were overlooked by the previous owner (carb clean/sync, tps adj, exup adj/check, valve adjustment-the worlds tiniest valves, i’ll have you know, new rear tire, etc..etc.. Since I do all my own work, the only real costs were the rear tire, oxford heated grips, stainless front line, and a few odds and ends.  Now to the bike.  The 9 was quick, instant really.  The torque, and when the torque came on was stupendous.  The 9 wheelied all the time (Nick’s ECU flash was prob. the best $250 anyone could possibly spend on this bike, why it wasn’t sorted from the factory was beyond belief) The 1 was different.  A bit soft down low, but once the needle reached 5k rpm…oh my, they were not kidding about 130 or so hp, with probably 75 ft lb of torque showing my ass down the road.  Such an easy motor to go fast, 2nd gear passing someone from 60 km/h, quickly saw the needled nudging 200 km/h without ever trying.  Yet, it was very civilized if you wanted to putter at the speed limit too.  So why the hell is it not sticking around? Cheap, paid for, reliable, great brakes, vg stock suspension…mostly the carbs.  I’ve had plenty of carburated bikes, but during riding season, I go to work early..very very early.  I’m usually out of the garage at 545 am.  So for me to sit there, faff around with the choke, and get the thing running just right is a pain.  Yes by pulling the slip on akropovic pipe, and replacing it with the stocker, made things better, I simply missed the EFI of my 9, but not much else about it.

The thing is, having been on two wheels since the age of 15, I’ve had my speed phase, and I’m very much over it.  It doesn’t blow my skirt up to go balls to the wall all of the time.  I enjoy corners, taking a nice line etc.. Now in days my riding mainly involves commuting, touring, dual purpose touring (see any or all post with my trusty Tenere-aka XT) and the occasional fun outing.  Saying that, the 1 or 9 no longer fit the bill.

This brings me to the 7.  I was curious about this bike when it first came out.  I had a chance to test drive one for roughly half an hour.

My ride impression were as follows:

  • Nice fit and finish.  It’s a smallish bike, but should fit me fine (5’9″, and 180lb suited up)
  • Great stock thorttle manners, compared to the on/off of the 9
  • Very decent brakes (R1 calipers-conventional, and FZ08 disks)
  • Light
  • Great every day motor.   It’s very wheely happy if you want it to be
  • Stock suspension…much in line with the 9, cheep and cheerful, but not as bad as the 9
  • with a few tweaks, it should fit the bill nicely for what I intend to do with the bike.  Commute, have some fun, and do the odd short trip on it

So in no particular order, here are the things that are coming from the post man.

1:  Zard full system pipe.  My buddy Kevvy at Blackfoot Motors put me on to this pipe.  To me the fit and finish is first rate, and looks amazeballs!  Should be here mid January, so I’ll fit that up as soon as the front end is sorted.  No carbon cap for me, just plain jane. Link: Update on pipe.  This will not materialize.  The cost of bringing this thing over in too high. Looks like I’ll be modding the stock pipe.  Failing that, Yoshimura is my next choice

Video link:

2:  Matris drop in cartridges.  I found these from PJ’s Parts.  PJ and Paige were very helpful with anwsering questions, but it’s a fairly straight forward install, comp and pre load in one leg, and reb and pre load in the other.  Springs are set to your desired weight, and the whole kit comes with the right weight oil.  I’ll report on the ease of install, quality of the parts, and of course the ride quality once, I’m able to get the bike on the road.


3.  Oxford heated grips.  I’ve used this on all my bikes, and quite like them.  The controller has improved immensily over the last two years.  The heat spread of the grips is universal, and they seem to wear well.  My XT now has about 45km since intalling the grips, and they have worn very little, and work well.  $89 bucks locally, or from Twisted Throttle.   Link:

4.  Screen.  I will go cheap here first.  I have a leftover MRA screen from the 9 that was replaced under warranty, including the mouting brackets.  I’ll see how well it fits (if it actually does) and go from there.  Update.  Not going to work.  Givi it is. Link: or the MRA screen specific to the 7, Link:

5.  Electrical bits and bobs.  This will be a weekend undertaking.  I’ll be wiring in my 4500 lumen 55W H4 HID lights, Stiebel air horn, garmin GPS, Oxford grips, possibly my TPX Radar and LED warning light, Gerbings heated vest plug in, and battery tender lead.  I usually wire everything off a accessory 30 amp relay to prevent the battery from draining out (obv. except the battery tender leads) I’ll be interesting how the 7 comes apart, is for room (the HID kit takes up a bit of real estate, but is doable with time and patience)

6.  Luggage.  I will be using the bike to commute, so will need some sort of easy and secure way to carry stuff.  I’ll probably go the back pack route for the first few months, and then move on to the only real solution that will work for me.  SW motech rear rack, and givi adaptor plate.  I’ve used the same SW motech rack on my 9 and rather liked it.  Yes the 45L givi rear case looks huge on the back, but I quite frankly don’t care.  For the utility, it’s simply awesome.  It will fit my helmet, gloves, and other crap easily, and securely.  When the adaptor plate is off, the 9’s lines were actually better IMO.  hope the same goes for the 7.  Link:

So, once all that tastyness is on, and the weather allows me to go for a ride, i’ll be break in time.  I use the motoman method with good results.  Load the motor, with steady acceleration, and more importanly compression breaking.  I find an empty straight road, and load and compress the bike for roughly 50km.  I drain the oil, and replace the filter with rotella 15W40 diesel oil (It’s high in detergent, and excellent for this sort of thing).  Link:

I’ve had great luck with this oil, with zero clutch slipping issues.  I usually continue the load/compression riding till about 1000km, when I drop oil and filter again.  Rotella back in, ride normally, until 3500-5000km. At this point a good synthetic motorcycle oil goes in.  My current choice is AMS oil’s 10w40 oil, and a yamaha filter, or good aftermarket stand in.  Link:

Once past the initial synthetic change, I follow Yamaha recommendations for change intervals.  The only one I don’t follow is for my XT, which I think calls for 7 km intervals, and I do it every 5 km due to the amount of shit, abuse, and dirty conditions the bike sees.  Again at 51 thou km, the beast shows no signs of slowing down.


Owen from OJ’s leisure products was kind enough to drop it off at my house.  Bike looks great in person.  I was a bit worried about the gray paint, but seeing it in my garage, well, I’m glad I went with it.

20150129_195719 20150129_174343 20150129_17451220150129_195651 20150129_195733

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