MOar stuff for the FZ9! Penske shock, Stoletec ECU Flash, Sw motech rear rack, HID 55 watt light..

I’ve been lazy…sorry saving up for a decent post on the FZ.

Big ticket items are:

  • Penske Shock from Stoltec.  After getting thrown out of the seat a few times, I figured, that in order to enjoy the bike to the fullest, the rear boat anchor needed to go.  Nick had a deal on for the members of the FZ forums, so I distracted my wife, and paypaled away.  Shock should be here at the end of the week.  Install is straight forward.  Tank does need to come off but I’m not worried.  More on this later.  Ok.  Install took all of 45 minutes.  It makes things damn easy when the rear is elevated, that way there’s no pressure on the swing arm.  Tank had to come off to facilitate the install.  The shock is a beauty.  I slapped it in, installed the remote reservoir, and went for a ride.  I’m not a super aggressive ride, but on most days, I know my way around a corner.  The biggest complaint with the FZ rear shock for me was squat, and wallow.  You could not hold a decent, and purposeful line through a corner.  Now, with the new shock (which I have not really fiddled with) the ride is sublime.  Controlled, yet not too firm.  No wallow, or squat, just a nice predictable line.  Yes it’s a lot of money, but instead of faffing around with a different shock (zx10, or zx 636), this is meant for this bike, and more importantly for my fat ass, and simply works.
  • Stoltec ECU flash.  No matter what you do with the FZ, the fuelling is less than decent.  Engine braking is huge.  On my tenere, I don’t mind this at all, it’s handy for a bike that size, and very good off road IMO.  But on the FZ, it makes the bike difficult to ride.  That and the fact that the throttle is very twichy.  Nick offers a very decent flash for the FZ, smoothing out all the crappyness that the factory left the bike with.  I removed it (underneath the tank) and shipped it off.  After having several small heart attacks, when USPS lost the ECU for over a week.  It finally made it’s way to Nick’s place.  He turned it around quickly, and sent it back on it’s way.  Re-installed it, and again, money well spent.  The driveability has gone up big time, and the fun factor is up too.  Again, best money you will spend on this bike.
  • SW motech Rear rack, and givi adaptor plate from Twisted Thorttle.  After faffing around with a shitty luggage set up on my last trip, this was a must.  Yes it’s not the best choice, but out of all of them, it actually looks decent.  The rack went on without too much trouble.  Instructions were good, and clear.  I bought the givi adaptor plate for it, and went for a ride with my 45L top box.  With the mirror wideners, I have a clear view of what’s behind me.  The box is out of the way, and presents no issues at speed.  This is by far the safest way to go (lockable, and waterproof).  I’ll mostly be riding the FZ to work, and parking it up for the day.  My Klim pants fit nicely in the top box, so I don’t have to sound like a fat kid in corduroys walking to work.  Yes the box is enormous…but with it off, and the adaptor plate off, the rack all by itself, actually looks decent.  Works for me.

The enormo box. But for the intended purpose it should work very well indeed. 25L tank bag, adds to the bikes flexibility


The office. Radar, heated grips, hardwired GPS, and MRA touring screen. All working and fitting well.



  • HID 55W 4500k kit from DDM tuning.  The stock headlight is OK.  The more visible I am, the better off I am.  Kit should be here towards the end of the week, write up and pics to follow.

Small items:

  • Fender extender.  The stock fender is too damn short.  It throws up all sorts of shit up on the rad.  Fender extender went in.  Blends nicely with the stock gray fender, used the two way tape, and the plastic pop rivets to install it.  Easy peasy.
  • Mirror wideners.  These are expensive items ($75) or so.  But that said, they are very effective.  Nice clear rear view, and no more elbows in my mirrors.
  • New rear tire (front is on the shelf for now).  The rear Dunlop was toast at 3700 km. No cords showing, but zero thread.  Metzeler Next went on using my brand spank no mar tire changer.  Easy enough.  Tire looks tasty, will report on how well it works later on.  Below pictures of the new tires and rack, without the adaptor plate on.

Mirror wideners visible, and useful. Tire looks tasty, and with all the shit laying around on the roads, should work well.


June 2014 Update:

So it’s been about 1500km on the shock, ecu flash, and rack.  Overall, the best bang for buck, has got to be the ecu flash.  Bike is ridable, predictable, and smooth.  No more lurching and funny business.  Well worth it.

The rear shock transforms the bike.  Handling is steady and secure.  No more wallow or squat.  It’s expensive, but well worth it in my opinion.

The rear rack has made the bike useful.  On cooler days, I leave my helmet and gloves in the top box, lock it and forget it.  I don’t have to bother with a backpack or bungee nets.  Yes it’s not the prettiest thing, but damn useful.  With the addtion of the mirror wideners, I don’t even notice the bag at the back.

HID kit.  I decided to shelf this. Instead went with a ultra bright 55w bulb. Plug and play. The HID would have been better, but due to the fact that the bike is naked, there’s not much room to manouver with the extra wiring, and what have you.

Metzeler next.  Rear tire has tons of grip, and a great feel.  Front tire was just installed at 4500km.

So at 4500km the bike has not failed to impress me.  It is simply the funnest, and comfortable bike I have ever ridden.  No real mods planned, in the future.  Ride and enjoy it I guess…but that Yosh pipe keeps calling my name…

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