2014 Calgary MC show


A dummy doing a wheelie 🙂

Myself, captain Rainbow and Cammy went down to the MC show today.  Bumped into a few guys: Rocky DS, Red Cat, Yves, Mark, Ron, and Irish Rover picked up a brand spank new 2013 white from Bow cycle…welcome.

First stop…Yamaha.

New 2014 Super Tenere on display.  ES model MSRP $17500, regular plain jane model $16500.  The set up of the models is nothing like that in the rest of the civilized world.

We (Canuckistan and ‘Merica) will only get the two models.  Our usual 2010-2013 Model with the upgraded, screen, display etc..along with all the bits that came with the 1st gen model,

and the ES with the add-ons below:

  • Electronic suspension adj. (ES model)
  • Adjustable screen via thumb wheels
  • New top clamp with different style risers
  • Filler panel below front headlights
  • New LED indicators (mind you, I’m not 100% sure if these were stock, or aftermarket)
  • The fuelling has been fiddled with (apparently)
  • Cruise control

Probably some other stuff that I’m forgetting/not mentioning.    They only had a gray ES on display.  Had a key in it, so I turned it on to see the new display.


Not my cup of Tea, whatever.  Otherwise the bike feels just like my 2012.  Sitting there on it, and not being able to do a proper ride, I would not rush out and get the new one.  A test ride may convince me otherwise of the better fuelling, the ease  of use CC, and the heated grips, but then again, my throttle bodies are synced, I have the clutch switch mod, if I want more power, I can always reflash my existing ECU.  I installed some oxford heated grips for about $100, and I have a poor man’s CC for $15.  Yes the electronic suspension maybe a thought, the rest of it simply does not interest me, and my current bike is just breaking in at 37.5km

IMG_8673-2 IMG_8672-2 IMG_8669-2

IMG_8749-2 IMG_8748-2

Nice bike.  Now take the motor out of the new FZ, and stuff it into a 100 lb lighter package.  Keep the shaft, and you have a interested guy.  Rumor talk….All you guys hoping for the 660 Tenere to be brough in…forget it.  Not going to happen.  A person that does not exist or have a name told me that to put it through emissions, and regs would not make financial sense.  And the bike would be probably over the $10 mark, unable to compete with the DRs and KLR’s of the world, and on the other hand not able to keep up with KTM and their fine, and bonkers motor.  The MT-07 is coming.  No word on the use of the triple motor in other segments.

FZ9.  Gray with blurpee wheels on display, sporting a few accessories.  Side soft bags, not a bad set up, but not ideal for what I was looking for.  Rear bag, and mount were installed, but quite frankly I wish, yamaha spent more time on this and got it right.  The rear rack is not well executed.  I will be patiently waiting for SW Motech to finish up their tweaking of their rear rack, and givi adaptor plate.  Comfort seat was on the grey one as well, decent, and seems a touch higher than the stocker.  The Red one had the accessory screen, tasty, small, and fits with the bike.  The odd ball rear seat cover..not sure what the point of that thing is.


Captain rainbow trying it on for size.
Like a bear on a bicycle in a Russian circus. Not a good fit me thinks.


Screen Nice. Aftermarket blinkers, nice. Intake grilles, not really sure if I would spring for those. Rad covers look decent

Elsewhere in the booth were the usual suspects, with new paint/graphics.  They did have a very nicely done up 950.  I’m not a big cruiser guy, but I would not kick this one out of my garage.


R1 Tail and front end. Whole bunch of custom work


Moving on to Honda.

A few new bikes.  NT750, bored out to errmmm…750cc.  Strangely the updated CB1100 was not present (6th gear, tank size up to 17.5L, dual muffler)


New valkyrie was there, not sure what to say about that one


Cap. Rainbow trying it on for size, clearly not impressed


FB6, I’d get one for those really long days in the saddle, or going to work on cold days, otherwise, a bit of a useless exercise

The CB1000R…glad I spent $4 grand less on the FZ, but still a good looking naked bike, and it has abs…Yamaha what gives?


Repsol CBR, and special edition CBR, yes please!




The small runabouts were there.  CBR500/500X, the Grom.  Not a bad line up.

IMG_8675-2 IMG_8674-2 IMG_8683-2

Rumor mill.  Forget the transalp, and africa twin.  We’re all too cheap!  They are not coming.  And ditto to the $24 Large VFR powered trailie on stilts.  Not happening either.  Honda is focusing on what the rest of the world wants.  Fuel economy and urban practicality is at the top of the list.  Not likely to see anything with a 19 or 21 inch front wheel anytime soon.

On to BMW.

I was interested in looking at 4 bikes here.

RnineT.  BM did a great job on this bike.  It looks very well executed.  Took a few pics, and swung a leg over.  For my 175lb 5 foot 9 frame it’s not a good fit.  Long-ish reach to the bars, and short distance between seat and pegs.  I would not spend my well-earned $ on: 16500 MSRP.  But if someone gave me one, well then I would ride it diligently  😛

IMG_8688-2 IMG_8687-2 IMG_8689-2 IMG_8690-2

S1000R.  Odd choice of paint on it, but otherwise, looks like it would go.  Fast.  Decent peg to seat distance, a bit of a long reach to the bars.  Well priced MSRP of $14700.  Again, a lot to ask for a naked, but well worth the fun.  Not sure how long one’s license would last on this bike though….

IMG_8693-2 IMG_8694-2 IMG_8692-2 IMG_8691-2

R1200GSA.  Huge bike.  Wide, very wide.  Not sure how heavy it is.  BMW states 573lb wet, MSRP $21600.


R1200GS.  Nice bike in blue.  Great motor.  MSRP $19200

Suzuki.  Not much to report here.  Besides the brand spank vstrom 1000, color changes on other models and that’s it.


Nice color combo.

Vstrom.  Bored out motor to around 1050cc.  TC and ABS standard.  USD forks, and a whole new look.  Not crazy about the beak, can’t say that enough.  I’ll call it the DBP1000 (duck billed platypus 1000).  Well thought out, and executed.  A lot of things going on with the exhaust pipes…comfy seating position.  MSRP $11999.  Knowing Suzuki, they will punt them out the door for less.  If it’s a $11 grand bike, then that’s a deal.  $12 plus this and that, well, why not get a new 2013 Tenere for $12800 plus this and that.


The color of a prosthetic limb


Nice rack!

IMG_8701-2 IMG_8704-2


The new 1190, and 1190R were present and accounted for.  I’m not crazy about the look, but the MSRP (1190-$17999, 1190R-$18399) is decent (for KTM anyways) and with that motor, and the electronic gizmos this would be a hell of an entertaining bike.  One thing I did hear about the KTM’s is that they produce a large amount of heat.  I guess that 150 hp has to be taken care of somehow.


1290 Duke.  Mean looking bastard.  Strangely no MSRP listed in the reading brochure.  Neat looking beast.  Pretty sure it would spank the S1000R on power.  Again, license in peril.  I’m wagering that MSRP would be right around $18 large.

IMG_8715-2 IMG_8714-2 IMG_8712-2

KTM 690R enduro.  I’ve always liked this bike.  One hell of a motor (1st, 2nd, 3rd gear power wheelies at 3500 feet…Yes please!) But reliability is suspect.  Ask Dennis, who has a brand new 2012, that has been back to the dealer twice in less than 300km.  MSRP $ 11399, this year, ABS as standard.



Both Terra, and errmmm the road model were present and accounted for.  Still nice little DP bikes IMO, but I have a suspicion they were left over 2011/2012 Stock.  Husky has stated that they will not pursue the street bikes, so parts may very well be an issue.



New Z1000.  This thing has presence.  About as useful as a third tit, but man oh man…140 HP, ABS.  Should be fun, while saving front tire wear all at the same time.

IMG_8726-2 IMG_8725-2

Ninja 1000 ABS.  Nice color in blue.  Good seating position, and 140 Hp.  Classed as a sport touring bike.  Hmmmm…chain, and no option of a center stand, because of the under slung muffler.  Not a smart move.  Nice bike though.IMG_8729-2 IMG_8728-2

Rest of the line up remains mostly intact.  The versys 1000, just as ugly and pointless, as when it first showed up.  Guys, you missed the entire point.

Moto-guzzi and Aprilia.

Guzzi has reworked their V7 Range slightly.  The new black and orange paint looks awesome.

IMG_8743-2 IMG_8745-2


I would love to try out the Tuono.  Everything that I have read about this thing is that it’s cramped, thirsty and uncompromising.  Perfect hooligan bike.  This year with full electronics, including ABS.  Tasty.



The larger than life California was present.  Cool looking bike



Triumph.  Didn’t spend much time here.  Color changes for the most part.  A tasty green street triple, and the tastier R.  Again, lots of money for a naked bike.  When I was looking around, I was getting estimates from local dealers ranging from $12-13 grand.  That’s rich for a naked bike





Vendors.  Stopped in at the Heidenau booth.  Noticed a very cool looking tire (the one on the left).  I would love to slap a set of those on the FZ.  Only issue is the rear only goes up to 160 width, and the stocker on the FZ is a 180.  Apparently a wider tire is in the pipeline.



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