FZ9 Electrics and other bits..

I’m a total muppet.  I usually drop my bikes sooner or later.  My adventure bikes get dropped, because I ride them through streams, over rocks, in gravel, on grass, mud you name it.

Some how I managed to drop my brand spank FZ doing zero KM/H.  I am truly gifted.

It seems that once I get anything new, I must put a dent, scratch, or paint chip in it…immediately.

Last year it was my VFR that fell on my wife’s brand new car (sorry sweetie.  I’m a tool).   This time around I was putting the barely ridden FZ on the rear stand, when one of the stand’s attachments slipped off the spool.  Down went the bike (on the right hand side), I wasn’t able to catch it completely but slowed the descent significantly.  Unfortunately, as the bike was going down the stand got in the way, putting a nice scratch in the swing arm and rear wheel.  Looks like I may need to go out and get some purple paint, to touch up the wheel.  Otherwise all was well, no damage.  On a  positive note, I finally found a place for my orange BIKE sticker.  🙂


Today’s install consists of:


  • Oxford sport heated grips
  • TPX radar detector wiring
  • TPX rader LED warning light
  • Bark buster one sided hand guards
  • As mentioned above, a brand spank BIKE UK sticker  😦
  • Gerbings Heated vest plug in
  • Stiebel air horn/compressor install

I’ll start with the oxford grips.

Nice product, couple of small complaints.   The connections that are moulded onto the grips, have to be brought way down to allow the clutch and the brake to be able to pull both levers all the way in.


Instructions say to turn the grip up, but if that was to happen, you couldn’t pull your brake or clutch in all the way. I do have some Chinese levers on order, they may fit better

Not a huge deal, something to watch for.  The other issue is the connector that comes from the heat controller is friggin huge!  God I thought I was back in the 80’s again.  No matter, all of it fit on the bike nicely.  Or so I thought.  I originally placed the oxford box on the battery thinking that there would be enough room between it and the seat..Nope!  Fat chance.  So I had to mcgrubber it and move it under the tank.  My OCD will drive me bananas, so I’ll probably pull the tank again tomorrow, and fit that in a better spot, probably under the tank.


Not a lot of room here. Oxford junction box will need to get moved under the tank. There wasn’t enough clearance between the seat and battery. Too bad, as it was the perfect spot. Notice the very large connector. Good grief.


mmmmm….crimp ons!

I installed the controller on the Bark buster hand guards, with the provided hardware.  All the cables (heated grips, heat controller, TPX wiring and LED wiring) was routed on the left hand side of the bike.  You need to undo the three screws that hold the air box down to get everything in and through.  I used a short piece of speaker wire to pull things through.  The left grip didn’t need trimming, while the right had about 1/8″ taken off just so it would not interfere with the twist grip.  The connections to both grips, and the wire going to the oxford controller were done on the right hand side


Pull String ready


All wires pulled and tie wrapped. Spare wire will get installed into left intake for future use

Also keep in mind that if you like the bark busters to sit low, watch your full lock to lock, as in a low position it will hit the tank at lock.  I rotated the bars a bit forward, and set the guard to my preferred height.

TPX Radar wiring and LED Light.  I’ve used this radar for about a year, and quite like it.  It has the usual K, X, and Laser, front and rear facing.  The LED Light is a nice addition to have, as it draws your eyes to the radar immediately.  I still have to order a ram ball mount system that will go off the left side mirror.  As it turns out, I found a nice piece of stainless steel metal kicking around that would do nicely as the radar bracket.  I installed it on the second nut of the left mirror, drilled some holes and it’s done, and doesn’t look half bad.  I also ran a spare wire to the left hand intake, in case of any future electrical do dads that I may want to install (12V plug in for the phone/ipod)

Stiebel Air horn and compressor.  Usually I mount these as a unit.  They come as one piece.  Trumpet and compressor glue together.  You can actually split the two, install the compressor under the seat (fits ok), and the trumpet went underneath the alternator cover.  I still need to buy a decent 90 degree fitting to clean up the tubing.


Some finger pointing at the compressor. Fit is ok.


Spare wire pulled


Finished product

All in all a good day except the dropping of the bike.  Oh well.


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