FZ9-Ghetto fuse block

Fuse block

Ghetto Fuse block.  Usual BS Disclaimer.  I said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I’m a muppet, and I have a tendency to screw things up.  This is a guide only.  There’s ten ways to do this.  This is one of them.  You have been warned.

Sorry for the shit pics.  I was too lazy to break out the canon, and take some decent pics.  As it stands this gives you a decent idea of what I was after.

So I went down to the local nerd store and picked up the following:

  • 10 position terminal strip (hard plastic)
  • 10 position jumper strip (cut in half, half of it taped)
  • 3 Prong Terminal strips
  • In line fuse
  • 30 Amp 2 pole relay

To the top right. 3 Prong terminal. Pretty slick set up, you open the orange gate, and slide the wire in. If you need to remove that wire, open the orange gate. Repeat for the others that are common to each other. Posi-tap is the blue one. I didn’t end up using the red inline tap. 30 amp 2 pole relay. 10 position terminal strip with jumper bar split in the middle

I picked up some other things that amounted to less than $30 all in.

Plan was to allow my battery tender to be hooked up at all times, and the rest of the accessories to be powered off 12 V accessory power.  One ring connection on the positive and negative post.

Someone on the FZ forum suggested the tail light.  Off came the side covers, and the latch mechanism.  I removed the tail light, and stripped the wires back.

The wire I was after was the blue/red (parking light).  I used a posi-tap, to cut into the parking light.  I then Installed the relay and 3 prong terminal block next to the battery.  They are not secured as of yet, but I highly doubt they will go anywhere.  At this point, I’m ready to wire all my accessories, off 12V acc power.

I’ll doodle up a diagram tomorrow morning, and post it up, with a further explanation.

Tail plastics removed, bracket removed for easy of access to the tail light connector
Posi-tap installed
Battery to inline fuse, to 3 position splitter, to normally open contact (NO) of relay. Park light turns on the relay coil, in turn closing the NO thus sending 12V power to terminal strip. Other side of coil gets a negative wire off the terminal strip
Finished product. Once all the wiring is done, i’ll use some two way tape to secure the terminal strip
This is going to be a problem. The Negative crimp puts a bit of pressure on the wiring bundle. The two will eventually rub through, and then BANG! well maybe not that bad. I’ll pull the terminal off and put a couple of pieces of heat shrink on it
View from the back. Terminal strip will be accessible with a short Phillips screw driver.

Here the wiring doodle: 20131203072646015


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