FZ9-Initial thoughts

I recently acquired a 2014 FZ9, in graphite gray, with blurple wheels.

This is my second new Yamaha that I bought, without test driving one first.   I did my research ahead of time.  As it stands, I’m 2 for 2.  Both are great choices.  This bike is not perfect, but for the money, it’s very very good.  Comparing this to it’s closest rival, the street triple, it’s an absolute steal.

The biggest complaints most people have about these bikes are:

  • Suspension (Front fork is soft, rear shock is cut rate).  Can’t comment just now, rode it for a  total of 4 Km so far.  Nick from Stoletech is working on upgrades.  http://www.yamahafz09.com/forum/10-fz-09-builds/412-stoltec-project-bike-gonna-long-thread.html
  • Hard Seat.  Yeah, it’s pretty hard, but it’s a decent seat.  Might be some gel inserts in my future, or some of those beads that cabbies put on their seats  😛
  • Abrupt throttle.  Again, rode if for 4 Km.  Didn’t notice it yet.
  • Small Tank Range.  If I get 200km + out if it, I’m happy.  There’s usually a gas station near by.

I bought the bike from my usual source.  As it stands CDN MSRP is quite reasonable at $9000 plus this and that.  US MSRP is set at $8000.

I made the trip to Montana with Wader.  Weather was nice enough to actually take the bike for a short spin.  I went for a 4 km ride to fill the bike up with gas, and get a brief look in, weather or not I actually made the right decision.  I did.

The bike is very light, 414 LB fully fuelled.  Nice short reach to the wide bars, and lots of leg room.  The engine is narrow, and nicely packaged in the frame.  The seat is on the hard side for my liking, but may eventually give a bit, once I start using it more.  Power is plentiful at round 104 HP to the rear wheel.  Three selectable power modes are available, I simply stuck it in B mode (tamest) and rode away.  Riding like a muppet, the front comes up easy peasy in 1st, at 3500 feet above sea level.  Those lucky enough to have this thing at sea level, be warned.  🙂

This motor will be entertaining, and the pipe sounds good too, for a stocker 🙂  Radial brakes are pretty decent.

The bike is well put together for the price.  I do wish that there was an option for a center stand, but that’s simply not possible due to the low exhaust.  Rear stand and bobbins will be used.  The speedo, and tach are a bit odd, but I’m sure i’ll get use to them once I spend some time on the bike.

This will be a commuter bike, to ride back and forth to work, and maybe on the odd short trip.  The long distance stuff will be handled by it’s bigger, and heavier brother, the tenere.

A few simple mods should make the bike comfortable and usable.

  • Hand guards, and oxford heated grips
  • Either a rear SW motech rack to accommodate my givi hard.  ZE Germans are already on it: http://shop.sw-motech.com/nocache/de/nach+Motorrad+oder+Scooter/YAMAHA/MT-09/index,nc1384848478.htm or removable rack once they come available from Givi (apparently in the works as well)
  • Cigarette plug in off the dash for GPS, and other bits
  • The stock horn will get deleted and upgraded with an air horn, or similar
  • Stock headlight will most likely stay, may get bumped up to a higher quality bulb like a silverstar
  • I will eventually look at some sort of small screen, as there’s isn’t a lot to keep the wind off.
  • Battery tender, and heated gear hookups are in, and done.

For now, the above are the only things I’m planning on, and can currently think of.   Once I get a better Idea of how things work, I will address them as they come up.

Picture in the sun. love the blurpie wheels

The forks are a much richer ‘gold’ color than the 2011/2012 Tenere.
Seems to fit the bike

Warmed it up and went for a short spin. Had to borrow a plate, and helmet.

Nice looking bike, and most cable, lines are tucked and though through properly. Lot of bike for the money

Lots of info crammed into the little speedo/tach. Gear indicator too, not sure how many times i’ll be wondering what gear I’m in. Selectable power modes. Standard mode is the default setting.

Nice comfy riding position. The bike feels very narrow, and is light. Mirrors are decent. Only small complaint was the lack of tie wraps on the handlebar holding the left cluster wiring.


Park light on. Full LED for stop. Rear fender is….different. Stolen off the R6


Typical Yamaha set up. Low beam comes on with the motor. T.signals on at all times, plus some marker light built into the headlight. Flash to pass

Rear fender…leaves a bit to be desired.

December 1st Update

I had the joy of being able to ride the bike for about three days.  It was cold, but the gerbings heated liner kept me toasty.  140 km or so, in dry-ish conditions, with some salt and muck thrown in for good measure.

I stole the tank ring adaptor from my Tenere, and the GS bag.  Both fit pretty decent, that said the bag does need a bit of persuasion to go on properly.

I had a snake skin tank pad center kicking around, so I applied that to the tank to protect it from scratching.

Did some riding on the weekend. Some salt and crud got on the bike. So it got washed, before the real crap weather sets in.

GS tank bag on. Partially expanded

GS bag

IMG_7904-2 IMG_7905-2 IMG_7906-2


4 thoughts on “FZ9-Initial thoughts

  1. What is the vintage bike with the drum brake and the radiator sitting in the corner? GT750 is the only thing I can think of that would have both.

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