Rigid E series 6″ light, dimmer, and switch install


So winter is officially here in Alberta.  After finishing my valve adjustment it was on to the easy stuff.

Some tasty bits came in the mail.

Rigid E series 6″ spot/flood http://www.rigidindustries.com/6-E-Series-LED-Light-Bar-p/e-series-6.htm

Rigid  mount: http://www.rigidindustries.com/E-Series-Cradle-Mount-p/cradle-e-series.htm?1=1&CartID=1

Skene designs dimmer: http://www.lights.skenedesign.com/IQ_175.shtml

and the three way switch from mx-1: http://www.mx1canada.com/trail-tech-headlight-and-kill-switch.html

The idea here was to remove my old Rigid Dually lights, and replace them with a dimmable 6″ bar.  The bar IMO looks cleaner than the two light, and is much easier to aim.  The dimmer along with the optional switch allows three different setting to be used with the light.  Visit the site, as it’s self explanatory.  I used a on/off switch from the old light to toggle the skene unit errrmmm….on or off, then the skene unit allowed me to set three different lights setting, plus the high beam trigger.

It’s a pretty slick set up, that gave me a 30% light (will be on all the time), 60%, and 80% plus a full high beam setting.

I’ll doodle up something at work soon and post it up, for all you wiring shy types.  Straight forward enough.  You will need to locate the high beam wire, and the accessory wire (it’s in the ST wire loom somewhere, search the site for exact colors)

The install took a bit of time, mainly because the trail tech instructions were a bit confusing.  I’m not home just now, and all my notes are on the bench.  I will elaborate on that shortly.  I had to extend the wires that came with the switch, as I mounted the controller in the electrical side of the bike, as to keep all the wiring as neat as possible.  This is a big ask as the stock wiring is a real rats nest.  I’m simply making it worse.

The goods below, and the installed light, tasty!

IMG_7840 IMG_7842

Getting it sorted out, and the wire extensions.  Disregard the red wire from the switch.  Better off using the blue, yellow, and green.

IMG_7843 IMG_7844

The wiring job, if you want to call it that.  I have more relays than anyone can shake a stick at.  HID, air horn (plus the actual compressor in there), future relay for heated grips, all sorts of fuses (I’m too cheap to buy the dist. block-no comments please!), radar detector and optional inputs/outputs that came with, and a 20 amp breaker for aux doo dads and what have you-s.

IMG_7849 IMG_7851

ta-da!!!  Fire hazard waiting to happen 😛


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