The smurfs go for a ride.


Well it was too damn cold to ride to work today, so I took captain stinky to work (my golf TDI).
Very promptly at 8 am, I decided that I will work till noon, and go for a ride.
As it happened, Cammy, Richard, BM-Brian, Yves the candy man, showed up at my house, and we headed off to the mountains.  A nice 250 km ride.

I don’t think I have seen this many blue teneres on one ride.
Therefore I decided that we, the citizens of Calgary (and area/province/country/continent), should start a bike club. It will consist of guys on bikes (we’re not picky, but you need to ride half decent, and be able to ride on gravel, oh an we’re not picky on what bits are down there, so guys, girls are good to go)
Preference will be given to people who ride blue teneres (stating the obvious, as it’s the fastest, and bestest tenere ever!!) We shall be called the Smurfs. I have not sorted out who will be papa smurf, grumpy, and the others, but the rule is, that if we run out of names, the last person to join will be errmmm…. the lady Smurf or whatever her name was (think Reservoir dogs, and Mr. Pink).

If this kick ass club gets huge and uber popular (highly unlikely) and  runs out of smurf names, we will have to dive into the WB names (daffy, bugs etc…), or pillage the Disney names (goofy, Donald, and Ms. Piggy, no wait, wrong cartoon set)
Anyways, everyone is free to join, even people with other bikes (yes all you GS-ist are welcome), and even different colored teneres can join.  We will assign names in a different blog, if the need arises (again highly unlikely)

Enough with the written poo. It was a great ride. Probably one of the years best. The weather was amazing (16 Deg C), roads were not busy, and the scenery stunning. If anyone asks.. we didn’t ride powderface trail…no no. That wasn’t us, that was the one-armed man.

Not much to report, bike worked great, had a fantastic time with the other Smurfs, rode, slid, used some throttle, all around a great time.
Did I mention I love the tenere? I really like this bike, this thing grows on me day by day. Don’t really care what the new 2014 looks like. I highly doubt they will change it enough for the majority of us current owners to trade up.




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