BC solo ride

I required to be in Vancouver for a day or so.  Great excuse to ride the bike to work.  A bit of a long commute.  So far, one way I have approximately 1400km.  The trip back will be longer still.

It all starts here,


Here’s the route to date: http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0YcXCuXUZpAMYC6914qaVqzn75YjA8lON

Started on Monday around 10 am.  All was going well until I decided to take a short cut just NE of Sparwood BC.  The first creek crossing gave me some grief.  I managed to dump the bike, break off one of my givi bags, and soak it’s contents with water.  After securing the bag (tie raps that I never leave home without, see below), I soldiered on to a second water  crossing (of the same creek) about 2 km from the first.  That done, I promptly ran into a show stopper.  A great big climb (guessing 30-35%) in spots, shale, gravel.  I’m foolish at times, but not stupid.  I decided to turn around, and use the highway to go west.  I stopped in at the crappy tire in Fernie to purchase a rachet strap, and to re-align my tweaked forks.  I chose the red color, since it makes my bike look faster!  🙂


The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, except for a wrong turn off a well marked gravel road.  Creston for the night, with Pizza and beer.

Below:  Mcgrubbered bags!



Below: Kikomun Road

IMG_6640 IMG_6637  IMG_6633

Today’s ride started by riding a block from the hotel to the Tim hortons for a coffee, and a ‘breakfast’.  Good lord.  Was that egg I just had??

Plan was to head west on hwy 3, south on hwy 6, just before the US border, hang a right on Pend D’Oreille Road.  It looked good at first (below)

Pend D'Oreille Road IMG_6647 IMG_6648

Then it was mainly 2nd gear speeds.  Lots of pot holes, rocks and what have you.

Pend D'oreille Road IMG_6652

Once the gravel ended, the road was paved, and quite lovely.


The next planned detour was west of Rossland.  The old Rossland Cascade hwy is a treat.  Fast, and very well kept gravel road (approximately 22km).  The next turn off was to be at Big Sheep Creek Road.

Looks promising.


Still looks ok…


The road started to get flat out shitty.


Errrmmm….I knew I should have packed the chainsaw.


I decided to turn around, since I couldn’t chew through the wood.  Back I went to Rossland, and re-joined hwy 3.

Warning! Off topic rant!

Now, there’s a lot of haters out there that don’t like the ST.  I for one love this bike.  It can take me pretty much anywhere I dare to point it (read: off road).  But when you get on the pavement, this thing flat out rocks.  It’s comfortable, plenty fast, and dependable.  Pretty easy on the eyes too.  I seriously beat it up these last two days.  I don’t intentionally abuse the bike, but it takes a shit kicking, and keeps going.  I will have to pull my altrider skid plate off in the winter to straighten it up.  It’s seen some action.

And now back to the Blog.

At this point, I decided to stick to pavement.  I planned to ride some gravel roads north of Winthrop WA (mainly the N-37), but when I got to the border, I was informed that hwy 20 was closed due to a mud slide.  Well shit!  Back on hwy 3 all the way into Van-couver.

Work day tomorrow.

Got work wrapped up, and headed west out of Vancouver.  I needed to get on the bike, as there’s bad things happening at home.  Our dog has not been well.  My wife spent the last day and half at various vets.  Dog spent the night over at the vets, on IV.  She was not eating, drinking, it didn’t look good.  Fast forward to today (Thursday), my wife had to rush the dog to surgery.  She ate something sizable, and it’s blocking her passage.  She’s getting operated on now.  Hoping for a good outcome.

don’t really feel like writing today.  Spent about 600 km in the saddle today.  Pemberton to D’Arcy.  D’Arcy to Lilooet, on to Big Bar ferry (west side of river), on to 70 mile house, on to Little Fort Ferry, to Barriere, in Salmon Arm for the night.  Tomorrow I’m heading home on hwy 1.  No frills, just need to get home.

Looking south towards D'Arcy looking north towards Lilooet IMG_6680 IMG_6683 IMG_6685 IMG_6688 IMG_6691 IMG_6699 IMG_6704 IMG_6706 IMG_6708 IMG_6712 IMG_6715 IMG_6716 IMG_6717 IMG_6720 IMG_6725 IMG_6728 IMG_6734

Here’s the actual route taken.


Some notes about the route NW and NE of Pemberton.

The Road into D’Arcy is paved, and rather empty and entertaining.  Highly recommended.  From D’Arcy, the gravel road up the side of the hill is not well marked.  Go through the town, around the blue house, to find a small gravel road that crosses the rail road tracks, round the corner, and you’re on your way.  Takes you way up, to some amazing views.  The rest of the road to Lilooet is pretty sweet as well.  Lilooet to Big bar ferry.  Well kept road for the most part, and marked ok.  Roughly 100km off road from Lil to Big bar.  First bit of road (40 km or so) have to be shared with logging trucks, give them room, and respect, and you will not have any issues.  The last bit near big bar is steep (15%) with sand sections (read: fun…not really)

Once you’re on the other side, the road is pretty much all gravel, fast and well kept.  Hop on the hwy to 70 mile house.  East of 70 mile house, more fast gravel on North Bonaparte road.  Elkin road is an option to cut down on they scenic hwy travel.  take the little fort ferry, and ride through the rez (legal) again a beauty.  I will do this trip again, under better circumstances.


2 thoughts on “BC solo ride

  1. Awesome RR and pictures! You truly have some fantastic scenery and roads.

    The ST is a very nice bike. I originally looked into it along with a KTM 990. In the end I decided to sacrifice comfort and power for a lighter weight and ended up with a 690. It works for me and I think that’s what counts. As long as the bike does what you want it to do, it’s the right bike for you. No rights or wrongs IMHO.

    Haters will always hate. While we ride. 🙂

    • very true.

      Having ridden a carbed 950, and my buddy’s 2013 690, they are incredible bikes. The 690 has amazing power, but it’s not enough bike for me for the long haul. I don’t do enough technical riding to justify the 690.

      The ST works for me. It’s a heavy pig, but I know it’s limits, and more importantly mine.

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