So back in 2011, I had an absolute blast, on a pre arranged ride through central BC.  I’m re-tracing the most of the ride, and adding a few other roads I wanted to ride.  Weather looks good, looking forward to it.

I’m all geared up for the ride through BC.  Myself and Captain Rainbow are heading out on thursday around noon.  It’s a get there day, but we’ll try to make the best of it.  Leaving town via crowchild, and west on hwy 1A.

First night will be in Salmon arm.  Friday morning head NW to Little fort, on to 70 mile house, on to Lilooeet, where we will spend the night.

West out of Lil’ on the west side of the lake, down to Pemberton, and then up hwy 99 back to Lil’.  Back way to Merritt via hwy 12.  Spend the night in Merritt.

Next day head south east towards Princeton, once there, head NE to Summeraland.  From there, head towards Kelowna, west lake road, and get on gravel to eventually join up to Douglas lake road, and end up in Salmon arm for the night.

Monday is a get back day to Calgary.


Part one: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=204362710563176768454.0004de6a0c96ba260b9a7&msa=0

Part two: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=204362710563176768454.0004de6a68c184d0d1f4d&msa=0

Will post up again friday night.

Update: June 20th 2013.

bc trip

here is our actual route, google has a few descrepancies that I couldn’t fix, but the general idea is there.

Part one: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=204362710563176768454.0004df6e16ba245c44846&msa=0

Part two: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=204362710563176768454.0004df819b8425db3ea67&msa=0

Here is the link to my flickr account, enjoy the pictures,


finally found the time and energy to do the write up.  Trip was a sucess.

Thursday was a get there day.  Calgary to Salmon Arm.  Nothing to write home about, stayed on the 1A up to Canmore, hwy 1 all the way to Salmon arm.  Decent weather.

Friday, we pointed it north.  As soon as we got off the hwy, we headed to Barriere, and Little fort.  Gravel started about 20 km north of hwy one, and it was raining.  A bit wet, but the roads were in great shape, allowing us to keep a good safe pace.

bc trip 6

We hopped on the cable ferry at Little fort, and stopped in for pie.  Delicious.

Next bit of road was very good.  About 7 km NW of little fort, off hwy 24 is Eakin creek road.  well maintained gravel road with little traffic.  fun.

After that we hopped on to hwy 24 for a little while, and turned off on to North Bonaparte road.  On a dry day, it would have been fine, but since it was raining the day previous, and the grader has just run through, the going was slow, and tricky at times.  Whatever, we got throug it with some diffculty.

stopped in at 70 mile house for some gas, and did some trail riding with our pigs.

From there we pointed it west on Big Bar Lake road.  Another gooder.  Idea here was to hop on the big bar ferry, go across the river, and head south to Lillooett.  When we arrived at the ferry terminal, it was closed, due to the high water level.  the operator told us that we could take a road south that would eventually hook up to hwy 99.  Which it did.  Some amazing views from this goat path, and a 23% climb up the hill, closely followed by more mud.  Fun.

bc trip3 bc trip4 bc trip1 bc trip2

I was told to email the pic below to Yamaha, as they would sell some bikes thanks to the picture.  God I hope they give me a MT-09 as a payment 🙂

bc trip5

Night in Lil.  Next day, we ripeed the 99 a new one.  Had a coffee at the local mcdinks, and talked to a fellow that suggested the Hurley pass to us.  We were originally planning to run up to D’Arcy, then back to Lil, but we took his advice.

After some navigational errors, we were on our way up the Hurley.  Amazing sights, but holy hell was it bumpy.  Washboard, pot holes, rocks, you name it.  We finally hit civilized roads at Gold bridge.  The run back to Lil was along carpenter lake, with some great pavement/gravel/goat trails thrown into the mix.  For the remainder of the day we pushed on to Merritt, via hwy 12 (tasty), up north via the 1 (ok), and hwy 8 east (tasty again).  night in Merritt, with a much needed beer, and some hot-tubbing thrown in.  Oh and mosqetoes, oh those little bastards were plentiful.

Sunday morning, we headed east via Coldwater RD (damn tasty), on to some great gravel and views to Princeton.  Nice stop in at a coffee place in Priceton (cowboy coffee, I think), we then pointed North to Summerland via gravel.  Another gooder.  From that point it was all pavement, to punish my quickly diminishign rear Mitas tire.  nakusp for the night, beer and wings.  job done.

Monday, we headed east via 31A, allways a blast, down to Kaslo, and the Balfour ferry.  The rest of the ride was a get there day, gravel North of Coleman, bumpy at first, but it gets better as you head north.

so I made it home, 2900km in 4.5 days, rear tire just held out.

Gear report.

bike-just gets better the more I use it.  Nudging 30xxx km as of today.

Tires: Shinko held up, but it’s been replaced with the Mitas dakar 4 ply.  Rear Mitas lasted a paltry 7700km, of some real abuse, both on and off road.  I’m happy with this tire, and I have replaced it with a mitas 50/50 (3 ply)  I’m guessing the mileage should be higher, as i will not be beating on it like I did on the previous tire (Damn you fine California roads)

Klim Gear-No complaints, comfy, dry.  Job done.

Sargent seat-I need to reduce the pitch on the seat.  I keep sliding forward on it. Think I have this sorted out

Rigid D2 lights, and HID 55W bulbs.  Bright, and very visible, happy days.

Two brothers pipe-loud, and loving it.


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