VFR mods

 Adjustable pegs, and windscreen.

Here I sit, waiting patiently for my back ordered stuff to arrive from Vicous cycle.  Hopefully it shows today.  Adjustable pegs (30mm arms I belive) and a mra bolt on spoiler that will go on my existing screen. The idea here is to give myself a bit more leg room, as the pegs are adjustable over 360 degrees, and the screen should push the wind up and over, or very least manage it a bit.

Ok, got home today, and joy oh joy, the stuff from aviciouscycle.com shows up.

Off to the garage, lay out the goods on the table, and tear into it all.  Below are: new pivot mounts, displacement arms (30mm I belive), and pegs.


X-screen spoiler.  Quite a big piece of plastic, good instructions, came with a handy stick on sheet, that needed to be centered on the screen.  Once installed it showed the exact location of holes.  The arms have a locking mechanism, so adjustments can’t be made on the go (too bad, as my mra vario, can be adjusted on the fly which is pretty sweet).


Once the screen was on, I moved on to the adjustable pegs.  Install was straight forward.  The idea here is to be able to rotate the pegs 360 degrees in any direction, thus gaining or loosing the 30mm lenght of the displacement arm.

Arm installed
<img class="alignnone size-medium" img alt="IMG_5811" src="https://thetenerist.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/img_5811.jpg?w=300" width="300" height="200" /

I installed the left peg, and left the right peg on as is for reference.  Quite the difference.  Originally I set the pegs in the lowest position, but my rear brake lever sits a bit too high.  So they went one notch highter ccw.  Shifter is adjusted, brake lever will still need tweaking.  Ride report to follow.


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