Mitas Dakar E-07 tires

Got these bad boys in the mail from MX1Canada…Cheeeep
great service from these guys, two days delivery from Vancouver to Calgary by brown truck.
Thanks to Dave6 for the tip, he’s running a set (I belive) on his bike at the same time.


Tire went on pretty easy (this is the dakar 4 ply) last bit of tire going on the rim was easier than the k60.
Nice tread patter, much tighter than the K60, which is probably a plus on the road, and a minus off road.

I took it for a 60-80km drive yesterday, it wasn’t warm (8 deg C).
TC1, Touring mode.

Ok that sorted out, headed for the gravel. First time this season in the gravel, the tire cleaned nicely over the melted/snow and mud in the shady bits, and gripped well.

It did more around a lot, due to the go switch still being on…
I’m not sure how it will compare to the K60, reports have it wearing better than a k60
There is less of the vibration below 30 KM/h, but i’m not able to do a proper comparo as my front has the shinko on it. They tire grips well in corners, does not roll on the outside knob.

Holy hell this thing moved around a lot under acelleration, I know it’s cold, the roads are still dirty from the ongoing winter, and new tire and all….wait a minute…the clutch switch was on, Doooh!

With the go switch on, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear saw a lot of the TC light on (TC1).  With the switch off, and riding like a sane person, the tire grips well.  Dave did point out, that this is a true 50/50 tire, so riding hard on the pavement will most likely kill the rear quickly.  I’ll have to poke around hard on my street bikes then.

Overall, happy with it, and the tires intended purpose.


shinko 705 on the front, mitas on rear


Raer Mitas, scrubbing in nicely


Rockies.. beautiful.

Update: March 2nd.  Another 60 km ride, plus 2 Deg C, with Cammy.  With TC1, and Touring mode, the tire hooks up very nicely on gravel, good grip through a corner, and drive out.  I like it.


Cam on the left with a k60 on his tenere

IMG_3486 IMG_3487

California update.  Added 3000 very hard KM on the tire.

exert from the California blog:

Mitas Dakar rear tire: I’m impressed with this tire, very impressed.  I put it through 3000km of throttle hell.  I really should have gone with a road biased tire, a metzeler, battleaxe, or the new michelin’s would have been better for the task at hand.  We really did 30 odd KM off road, the rest of it was broken pavement, superslab, smooth as glas ashphalt, and loose surface odd’s and ends.  The tire gripped very well, right to the edge (pics to follow), good confidence in the rain, and good wear.  I don’t think I will see the 20xxxkm that some guys report for wear, since we were pretty much in it all of the time 🙂  It did step out on me twice, mid corner, cranked over, and on the gas (nice little slides, that TC failed to even notice, but this is before I installed the new rear shock)  Highly recommended.  At this point, i’m half way to through the first part of the tire.

Update at err…roughly 4300km.  May 16th 2013

Ok, so i’m not sure who this guy is that got 20xxx km out of the rear mitas, but he must ride like a pansie!

at 4300km i’m near the middle wear bar, unless the tire becomes rock hard, or by the use of PFM (pure fucking magic) it starts to not wear, I will be surprised if I see 8 thousand KM out of it.  That said, the front is going on this weekned, to replace my badly cupped, and quite frankly useless front shinko 705.

Update, June 4th 2013.

spoke to some dude at mx1.  Here’s what he told me about the different tires.  The 50/50 3 ply is identical to the dakar 4 ply (yellow stripe)          He only recommends the 4 ply if you ride heavy loaded, and you air down often off road.  This is where the stiffer sidewall comes in handy.  He also said to air the tire up to 36 psi for a guy that weights about 200 lb with gear on.

A new 140/70-17 showed up at my door.  overall widht is damn near identical to my 4 ply.  $150 delivered, sweeet!

It will be going on as soon as the old one gives up the ghost.  I have decided to run the front shinko.  I’ll peel it off when the rear mitas goes on.

As a side note, the mitas are only available through mx1 (free shipping in Canada over $100).  Once you place the order, call them to double check that the tire is in stock.  The popular sizes (150/70-17) are back ordered for 8 weeks.  the smaller 140 is fine as well, and in stock.


And that’s all she wrote for the rear tire.  As I suspected, 8 thousand Km was going to be a big ask out of that rear tire.  Having said that, I’m happy with it.  I pulled it off at 7700km.  I could have gotten more road only days out of it, but on gravel it was completely pointless.  As a side note, we came home from a 3000 km trip monday June 17th.  On the 15th, I was absolutely on it, trying to catch Captain rainbow on his tenere on stock battle axes.  He set off about 5 min. earlier than me, and I simply could not make up the time.  The tire performed fabulously on the pavement with minimal tread left.  So thumbs up there.  Still very happy with wet grip, great off road.  A new 140/80-17 50/50 mitas is replacing this one.  Yes the mileage could have been higher,  but 3000km in California, did not help, neither did 3000 km of some very very good roads in BC (40% off road).

Side note:  I mount my own tires, still working on my technique and set up, but getting better, scratch that, smarter by the day.  I have a tire stand on its way, a bead buddy, and some decent motion pro bead breakers.  On that note, I mounted up the Dakar front, went for a ride.  On my way back I decided to go off the beaten path.  Got into some mud and rock, so thick that I packed the front wheel to the point of not being able to move it.  Finally got things going, but after about 30 km the front started feeling pretty sloppy.  Pulled over, turns out that I was loosing air on the front, the bead was not seated properly.  It looked solid enough, so I rode home for about 45 km, with about 5 psi on the front, the turns were sketchy, but if you stood the bike up, and minimized the lean, no issues.  Went home, took the tire off, popped the rest of the bead off, and found that I had a bunch of dirt, and some of my balancing beads, between the tire and bead.  Blasted the crud off with compressed air, and she’s good to go.



IMG_6254-2 IMG_6251-2 IMG_6255-2 IMG_6257-2

I’ll keep updates on the new 50/50 rear, and the dakar front.


Tires are scrubbed in.  I like these.  Lots of confidence in the dry, leaned right over.


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