V-strom 1000 build

This is a write up of my build for Fred.

Sometime ago, I approcached Fred about taking on a project.  Mainly to keep myself out of trouble (read, stay out of the classifieds, and my bank account), and because he had a couple of v-stroms that needed to be made into one v-strom.

motors out

The one bike out of vancouver had a good frame, forks, rear subframe and plastics (which were stolen to fix Fred’s existing v-strom that got damaged, and needed the donor parts)…errmmm..that was it.  It had about 70xxxkm on it, and the previous owner took it to mexico with bad results.  Bad gas, or a funky taco made the bike sick.  It came back home in the back of a truck.



above….some v-strom moters!

Fred found it by way of kijiji, phone call, short hop and a skip, and the bike was in calgary.

The other v-strom was found outside of Calgary, good motor, roughly 16xxxkm on it, but  a broken frame, made the bike unusable.  A few phone calls later, Fred would provide the bikes, I would be wrenching on them.


I had a good initial start, stripped both motors out, put the good motor in the good bike, and went about making it GO.

19 inch front end

Above, the bike put toghether, dl650 tank from edmonton, yamaha bucket, and turn signals, maybe a small windshield to go on.

Then motivation sort of left, and I didn’t touch the bike for a while.  I did put on a hayabusa front end, and 17″ wheel on it, but the change made me two inches lower in the front, and it looked a bit goofy.  FW to today.

Bike is back up on the bench.  Fresh tires on both rims.  Lowering links in tow.  I was about to tear into it, when I pulled the busa forks and found one with a possible leak.  The seal will need to be sorted first, either with a seal saver, or a rebuild.  Meantime, i’ll install the new lowering links, see how the bike sits with all this new suspension work.

The Yamaha bucket is on, and looking good, will need to sort out some kind of braket for the stock speedo, and talk to Fred reg. a windscreen for it, to possilby give it some weather protection, and hide the ugly bracket i’m about to make.

Got sidetracked with my own bike, turns out the tenere has a bum rear tire…more to follow once the v-strom is on the bench.

Update: march 11th 2013.

Got the beast on the bench.  First job was to pull the stock links, and install these beauties.


The front end that’s being put on is about 3″ shorter than the stock front end (shorter forks, 17 inch rim). picture shows, stock front end, new links…mmmm chopper


I put the lowering links at 2″ and hoped for the best.  Old front end came off (pictured), and new front end came on.  Pictured, are the tasty bits going on, it’s a Suzuki, so Suzuki parts are going on, nevermind that they are hayabusa parts, tasty all around.


the bucket of goodness


This is a seriously low bike all of a sudden, it’s still about 3/4″ of an inch too high on the back, so I’ll need to adjust the links one more time.  Next up is the headlight bucket fitment.


IMG_3503 IMG_3502

Fred had some nice convertibars, slick as snot.  Fully adjustable, very nicely finished.  This is looking pretty good, the only thing odd ball about the whole bike might be the tank.  I’ll see how the bucket fits in, if it clears the frame and all the bits that stick out at the front of the headstock…moar to follow


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