HID kit install Honda VFR, Yamaha ST

Dual bulb HID Kit (55W)

so my HID 55W dual (low and high beam) kit just showed up.
It looks straight forward enough, came directly out of china, without insturctions (YOU FIGURE OUT ROUND EYE!)
Components look very well put togheter, and the male/female plugs are easy to understand.

Here’s a couple of shots of the wiring harness, the bulk of the stuff will need to be situated at the front of the bike (ballasts, wiring/relay module) with only one wire running back to the battery for power,

Here’s the  plug in that will go into the stock wire harness, to trigger low/high beam


Overall shot of the harness, again a bit of a mess now, but i’ll get sorted out


I made it out to the garage yesterday to toss the lights in.  I pre installed the bulbs on the quarter fairing at home, so I wouldn’t muck up the bulbs with my hands.  I installed the ballasts on the inner plastic fairing (black parts) one on each side.  Ran a dedicated wire for hot and ground (fused hot), and turned the whole thing on.  Great light, tought to tell in the garage so far, i’ll have to push it out at night and annoy the neibhours.  Overall i’m very impressed with the built quality, no instructions needed, unless you’re the dummest kid on the short bus, and the bulbs move up and down on high and low beam (motorized)

Stopping by blackfoot to pick up my ktm risers, and a new bars for the VFR, more pics of the HID kit, and bars to follow.


right, so the risers came, picked up a renthal fat bar to try it on for size.  When all said and done, it simply is not worth it.  I would pick up an extra half inch of reach, and maybe an inch in rise.  Risers and bar went back to blackfoot.  That out of the way, the HID kit went together very well.  The bulbs are electrically activated (low beam tips down, high beam tips up-works)  The spread of light is nice, clear white light.  See how they hold up.  Pictures are as follows:

Ballast mounted on left side


Ballast mounted on right side


Light on low beam head on (the camera could not catch it properly)


Light on low beam (bike is on the lift, about a 1.5 foot off the ground)


light on low beam (same height on lift).  The high beam looks killer.



One of the forum members had a good write up on how he installed his DDM HID lights.  I wanted to elaborate on it, as I found a small issue with my headlight wiring.

I took the headlight off, the plastic cover, and the windscreen for ease of install.  Once I took the two round covers off the back of the headlight, I found some crispy wires (looks to me like the ground wire was basically fried.



If this was caused by my aftermarket 55W bulbs, it’s a good thing that I installed the kit when I did.


Left bulb installed.  The plastic caps can be opened at the back with either a hole saw, or a knockout set.  I used the knockout set, since i could not find my holesaw kit.  I used the 3/4″ KO, the rubber seated nicely with no gaps. (KO set below)


Since I have some crispy wires to deal with, and the HID will draw full power at the 55W, I decided to use a relay.  I used one set of the ST stock wires to trigger a relay installed in the electrical compartment.  Then I ran a fused wire, and a new ground up to the ballasts.  Install was straight forward.  Thanks to Low and Silent from yamahasupertenere.com for the nice placement of ballast and ignitor. The yamaha plastic cover…errrmmm covers up the ballasts, and wiring nicely.


Below, low beam, and Denali D2’s


Below, low beam only.



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