2013 Calgary Motorcycle Show…A sick man’s perspective

So I decided to visit the show on sunday the 6th of January 2013, even though I was feeling pretty shitty, didn’t know it at the time, but it turns out I had the wondorous noro virus….delicious.

Right moving on,

Thanks to Fred for the FREE ticket, and the stampede board of freeing me up of $15 for parking.

This was a fairly brief visit at the show, 2 hrs, i usually spend 4 plus depending on how frisky I feel, but due to feeling like a bag of smashed assholes, I only lasted two. I was with my esteemed friend and colegue Wade Hoff-man.
This will be a brief run through the booths we visited, with what may of caught our eye. Pics are few, as I gave up taking my good camera to the show, as the light suucks, so crappy I phone pics it is.

Starting with Honda.
I think this is the manufacturer that had the most to show for this year. First thing that caught my eye was the chopped Goldwing, errmmmmm FB6 I think it was called. Good looking bike all things considered, and well executed. Rear bags look sharp, as well as the integrated tail light and turn signals.
They will most likely sell like hot cakes, the new 500’s. Great looking bikes, and price will be around 6 grand.
The NC and NCX are really decent bikes, too bad the NCX has no 19″ front wheel.
The CB1000R has always been a favourite of mine, once they come down in price (read: used) I would get one, didn’t see the one in white, but I’m sure it looks tasty.
Here I am looking bagged on one:
photo (1)

The little CR250 dual purpose…oh my, nicely done, but why not a larger bore….I’m sure people would spend the money on a 450, or a 650 modern water-cooled honda, give us 50 HP, reliability, and a decent price, and you have customers again. Mind you I do think the little 250 will sell well.
The CB retro (brain not working still) looks great in person, happy they are bringing it to market. Not sure if the guys that grew up on these bikes will be willing to shell out 13 grand plus this and that..but well thought out and put together.

Bumped into Wone Yip, buuuuuuuuuuuudy!
Not much new from Suzuki, busa with ABS, they had a decent DL650 with excel spoked rims, as I craned down to have a look see at the tasty set up…stock rim sizes, why?? what for?? the stock items are plenty strong, if you’re going to spend money, go to a bigger size (21/18 inch) but I’m guessing this is to do with the diameter of the wheels/speed sensor BS etc..etc..
The 250 Imazuma showed up, it’s no B king, that’s for sure, but it will be cheap to buy, run on fumes, and require no maintenance, except the occasional oil change.

Bumped into Kevin Mcnutt, my adpoted Kazak brother, Jak Sie masz Mcnutt?
Nice display on the new FJR, not a huge revamp, but noteworthy never the less. New lights look nice, dash is nice, TC, cruise control.
Usual FZ8’s color changes, the naked one looks sweeeet in the red/white color, love it.
Moving on the the most important bike…the Super tenere. The white and red gives me mini boners!
Love that color. Otherwise, the bike had the world crosser kit mounted up, not bad, but really 2 grand extra? serially?
and that does not include the bash plate, or the acropovic exhaust (that’s another 1300 reasonable dollars), oh and the skid plate is extra..brilliant. On a positive note, a stock ST plus the kit, plus the pipe, plus the skid plate is still less than the oil cooled GS, stick that in your pipe BMW.
The R1 in matt Grey, oh yes please.

Did not spend much time here, mainly looked at the 690 Enduro…low weight, 62 HP, switchable power mode, fully adjustable suspension….see Yamha comment above 🙂 Sadly $11 and change plus tax plus this and that, seat is narrow enough for both the testies to squish comfortably, so not perfect out of the box..but close.
The new 690 Duke looks good, put that motor in the new 690R enduro, and charge less money, we’re all cheap here, at least I am.

Yes the new GS is there, and Eric was there, so I steered clear of that, as I’m sure he would have reminded me of how shitty my Yamaha is, even though he never rode one when he made the comment some time ago, but did tell me to buy a GS, or better yet wait for the Triumph Explorer…thanks man, but no thanks.
Had a look at the new F800, nice upgrades, I think it would be a great bike to have between a decent 650 single, and a big trailie (in a perfect world of course).
HP4, gorgeous, apparently all sorts of rich squids are putting money down on this whiz bang of a bike, without riding it, or knowing how much it will cost them. It would be sweet to street fighter that thing, after said rich squids are done crashing them. Love the blue rims, lovely jobely.
R1200R Classic, tasty.
Talk to a very knowledgable fellow, by the name of…god I’m too lazy to look in my wallet, his card is somewhere. He did tell me that he owned several KTM 690 enduros and really enjoyed them. At that moment I spotted the Husqavarna booth, and we were off!

I’m very happy to see that a decent dealer in the Calgary Area will be distributing the Husky’s.
I was mainly interested in the TR650 Terra (21/18 spoked inch rims, no ABS). First impressions are very good. The bike looks very well put together, 58 HP motor (build in China, not sure if it’s the old Rotax, with the new red head design…thoughts anyone??), bit disappointed in the non adjustable suspension, but apparently it’s well sorted for the job (according to motorcyclist mag, and cycle world), the seat is very decent for a single, the twin pipes are a bit of a ?? but look nice, and the dash is nicely finished. The rear tire has a pick up ring, with a sensor running to it, apparently for the speedometer reading. The best bit… 8 grand plus tax, now that’s decent. It undercuts the GS650 and Sarateo by a bit, and I think it will be a better bike. Nice add ons are available from Husky, skid plate, heated mit grips, some other stuff. Definitely the highlight of the show for me.  Pics below, nice bike IMO,

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)
The TR650 Strada, same bike as above, except for 19/17″ cast wheels, with ABS, low fender, again very nice bike. I would def. go for the Terra, due to the more dirt oriented rim/tire combo.

The new Street Triple…it looked good in pictures, but man oh man, it looked even better in person. As a shit’s and giggles bike, this would be a close second, if not a tie to the CB1000R, in my books. Reading BIKE UK, the new triple has taller gearing, so first gear wheelies are less likely 😦 Pics of blue one (best color, don’t you know)

photo 2
Had a look and a pushed the Explorer off the stand…just as heavy as last year, by what I read, terrific road bike, great motor, but don’t venture too far off the gravel.
The new errr….Sprint.. the new sport tourer with shaft drive, my memory fails me, you can tell it really caught my eye.
Serially though…from what I read, great motor, great handling, but the looks, nicked from the ST1300, and mostly from the RT1200 (head light, bags, gauge layout, come on guys, can you make it less obvious??).
And did I mention buttons, man If you like pushing buttons, this is the bike for you! Cruise, radio, blue tooth, sat nav, UFO locator, all sorts of snazzy shiznit.

Harley Davidson, NO BOLD FONT FOR YOU!!
I’m sorry but I forgot my assless chaps, leather beanie, and slevless leather vest with many sewn on and ironed on patches at home.

Not much here caught my eye, the new Z800 was not there, decent review in BIKE UK this month.
the Ninja 14 looks sweet in red, not for me but a beauty anyways, the rear mufflers, fugly.
Versys 650, still a nice bike, one of these days used, with a v-strom 19 inch rim swap.

RSV4 and RSV4 Factory. What can I say, I’m not a crotch rocket kind of guy, hate the clip ons (getting old? shit outward visibility, looking down and all, and who needs 180 HP on a road..there is allways power modes to cut it down to 150 HP…hmmm)
gorgeous bike in person, love the triple headlights, and the fact that some Italians that are truly passionate about their work, thought this thing out, and then built it. The full range of TC, selectable power modes, and other bits and bobs are a huge plus, and apparently brilliant, I don’t think it has ABS though, would be handy.
The naked based off the RSV4 (again, brain not working forgot the name, edit, brain is back of sorts..the RSV4 Tuono) works for me. Great quarter fairing, the bits below it are a bit shitty looking but I would be willing to look past it. Full electronics like the RSV4, including ABS, great sound from the V4, and a lightly detuned motor, making close to 150HP (correct me if I’m wrong)

Errr…not yet at the cruiser/power cruiser/touring cruiser stage, not interested in dragging floor boards, so moved on.

The new 1198 is tasty. Have seen them back in 2012 at the Bologna Factory in the Tri Colore guise, that was tasty. The new 800 look very nice, especially the one with the taller screen, and soft bags, bit of a one trick pony but nice never the less. The Diavel in blue with polished aluminum covers, looked great, useless like a third nipple, but that’s my opinion, and you know what they say about that.

Non Manufacturer booths
Visited the usual folks. Thanks again to Fred for the ticket, Janice, thanks for sitting the green condor for us. Shot the shit with KLR riding Wade, had good things to say about his test ride on a ST back in the US of A. If I gave anyone my shit virus…sorry guys.

Overall Impression of the show.
Not too bad, being sick was not that good, the mix of the crappy air, a shitty stomach flu (no pun intended) and crappy lighting set the mood. I noticed that everyone cut down on the sweet posters, brochures and free swag. MOAR SWAG PREASE!! Ducati didn’t have a thing to give out, except displays on Ipads that were chained, or watched by the rented bimbos. Usually parade of Harley folks (see HD comments) squids, old dudes, guys and girls, and the odd offspring, good turn out.


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