Aux Tank, Pelican case install

While back I decided to do an aux. tank.
I bought a rotopax, the origninal thought was to get
Dave the welder (aka Dave 6) weld the rotopax attachement to my givi rack.
That done, it was time to mount the rotopax, and give it a whirl.
It didn’t take long to find out that
a: I didn’t have enough clearance
b: it’s not as simple as it looks.
So I went ahead and cut off the holder that is built into the caliper, which holds the banjo bolt in place, figured that was enough.  It was not.  I ended up shimming my givi rack over to the right by about 3/8″ of an inch, by installing washers on the right side, and deleting some washers on the left.
MOAR of a write up from YST forum: each hand rail bolt had a round washer on it.  I removed the washers on the left, had one of the stand-offs (not sure if that’s the right term) that are behind the left passenger handle, machined down to match the front.
This made the left side about 1/4 of an inch closer to the bike.
I then took the washers that I did not use, and installed them on the right side, pushing that side by a quarter.
There was no need to shorten the givi link bar that holds the two cases together, as in the end it was the exact same lenght.
It’s still an extremely tight fit, but it works.
I can ride comfortably now in the bush (last month I got lost on some logging roads, when I finally found civilization, I had 1.5 liters left in my tank, so If I did run out the gallon or so that’s in the roto pax would have come in handy)  ::012::
there was no big loss on the locating tab, I did loosen up the banjo bolt, and locate the brake hose in board of the bike
That did the trick, the fuel pack, just…just clears the caliper now, im guessing on a very warm day it may cause some rubbing, but nothing that will turn me into a flaming ball of fire going down the road, job done 🙂
Here’s the finished product
tenere tank2
Here is the ‘nubbin’ cut off the brake caliper
nubbin cut off
tenere tank 7
Finished product with bags on
tenere tank 5
Worked out very well.  Had the ‘pleasure’ of running out of gas in the summer time, what a god send.  Gets you to the next gas station no problems, re-fill, repeat.
Pelican Case Install
The ST does not have a lot of under seat storage.  What room is there is allready taken up by my tool kit.  I was putting my tire patch kit, and compressor in my tank bag, and that in turn was crowding my other stuff.
So I installed a small pelican case on the rear license plate bracket, and used short wafer screws to hold the license plate in place
Here’s the case open, with the stuff inside.
rear case open resized
For being super duper sure, I secured the latch with a tie wrap, incase
it were to open
rear case resized

2 thoughts on “Aux Tank, Pelican case install

  1. New S10 owner here, reading and enjoying your posts. Thank you! Quick question: Does the rotopax come out of its mounting point when you move fuel from it to the main tank, or does it stay there and you move the fuel some other way? Looks like there isn’t any room to remove it.

    I’d like to do something similar, but I have Jesse bags and racks.

    • Hi Dean,

      sorry for the late reply. Busy riding my other bike 🙂
      The rotopax has a welded bracket, which is errmm…welded to the givi rack.
      In order to fill it, or use it, I need to remove my givi bag, and the quick release rack. Once removed, I leave the rotopax on the rack, and fill, and or pour out fuel.
      I had to shim the rack to make it fit (1/4″ to the right). Ive used it five times in the last five years. Twice for myself, the rest for my wayward travelling companions.
      Great insurance for sure.


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